«Georgian stories», 2019 г.

Logo and corporate identity development, photo production and menu creation for the Georgian family restaurant “Georgian stories” in Kazan

Logo search sketches (stage 1)

The logo is based on the image of a Georgian holding a horn. The mood of the logo emphasizes the living drawing, so all illustrations for search sketches were made on a tablet by hand. The name of the restaurant is an imitation of the Georgian alphabet and it was agreed immediately from the first meeting, but we had to work upon the image of the Georgian in more detail

Detailed study of the selected options (stage 2)

An important feature of the image in the logo was the correspondence of its appearance to the Georgian color. The portrait of the Georgian was drawn until the chef from Georgia confirmed the necessary match.

Agreed version of the logo (stage 3)

In the final stage, the image of an open, joyful and wise Georgian turned out in the national costume of choh and papakha, making a toast with his finger cocked up. Do you think we managed to emphasize the Georgian flavor and mentality?)

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